Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO?


Seven months into 2020 and Coronavirus (COVID-19) have obstructed nearly all phases of life. For businesses to best position themselves through this time of difficulty, it is worth re-visiting their 2020 SEO tactics and roadmaps to understand the role of SEO in this rapidly changing situation.

Today, however, the effects of SEO are transforming the businesses and in the midst of a crisis like COVID-19, SEO efforts have been increased. Google Trends even shows that words like “SEO” & “Search engine optimization” have increased in search traffic over the last few months, likely sense that SEO-lagging companies are finally understanding the importance and are aware that SEO should be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

This blog explains SEO factors as part of your business’s larger response to COVID-19 and how businesses are transformed in the areas of their SEO plans to adapt efficiently against COVID-19’s impact.

COVID-19’s Impact on Specific Areas of SEO Adapting your Content Strategy

Businesses should be aware of the direct influence on their specific brand and industry in order to set their messaging around COVID-19 specifically. Consider the following areas that COVID-19 and the “new normal” may change content strategies for many different businesses:

1. Consider having a Dedicated Coronavirus Page –

If your business is majorly affected by COVID-19, consider creating a dedicated page to achieve all related Coronavirus traffic and can effectively link to key areas of your website.

2. Develop more video & YouTube content –

With people expected to consume more time at home viewing YouTube and other streaming services, consider developing more relevant video content to get in front of users.

3. Factor in Isolation and Social Distancing in Messaging –

When writing any content or performing any messaging during this time, be careful of the overall idea of social distancing. Examine some DIY issues around your product or service so that users can directly use it during a time of isolation.

Changes in SEO to expect in COVID-19

Here are some of the expected changes that are caused by the COVID-19 crisis in SEO:

  • Because of many businesses experiencing downgrades in cash flow, there is the chance of various businesses dropping their marketing budget significantly.
  • The context and purpose of various queries have remained constant.
  • Informational content related to COVID-19 can be successful even if you can’t seek the keyword(s). You can provide relevant information that is closely linked to your niche and/or target audience.
  • With search trends rapidly changing in recent weeks, new keyword spikes individually connected to the latest developments of the coronavirus crisis.

The Final Say –

As COVID-19 changes businesses worldwide, we’ll continue to see how Search engine optimization can relieve marketing challenges. Therefore, now is the time to modify and improve.

So start small if you’re fresh to SEO, or create ways to promote your strategy if you already have one in position. With SEO, there’s always more to discover, but these suggestions will put you on the right path to reach the ultimate achievement: securing the top spot on Google.

We hope you find these tricks helpful when analyzing your SEO strategy.