Why Should Write For Users Not For Search Engines

Why you should write for Users, not for Google
Why you should write for Users, not for Google

When you are working for content marketing, should you prepare it for the human readers or the search engine? This is the debate running for several years. However, the search engine has become more nuanced in the way it understands the ranking content, and it is no longer split into your attention. When you are writing the content only with the intention over the Google algorithm and not caring for the audience’s view, it will end up badly. 

You should pay attention to the content length, keyword density and LSI keywords, but this is not the only thing to focus. Remember that Google wants to rank the content that will fulfill the needs of the users. So, ultimately, writing the content concerning the user’s needs will automatically take your content to the top position. 

Why should you focus on the people’s interest? 

In 2019, Google’s algorithm has evolved beyond the simple keyword metrics, and several changes were put forth. The concept and guidelines followed in content writing for 5 years ago are out of trend in the current SERPs today. Inserting the keywords with calculated precision and failing to write the content that is hard to understand and unclear will result in the two types of negative effects in the ranking. 

  • The impact of the keyword backed content will be reduced. Google has embraced the machine learning, and personalization content with keywords intent will fail to move in the SEO ladder. 
  • The keywords backed content will not be user friendly as it is clunky and optimized. As a result, the user signal will suffer and fail in the SEO factors

The content that is written concerning the technical box and if it fails to educate or inspire the user, it will do nothing with organic ranking. 

How to make the content for people that helps for SEO ranking? 

  • Set your objective: The key to being successful with content marketing is tounderstand the goals of the content before starting to work with it. Keep your audience in your mind and think standing in their shoes. 
  • Cite your sources: Adding relevant statistics and quotes can add in-depth value for the content, and it also makes the content trustworthy. However, when you are handling the sources without citation are not the right choice. Take time to build the quoting with original sources at all the necessary places. 
  • Make it educational: Ensure your content will educate something for the users, and they learn from your post. These will justify for them to reach your content and worth spending time in reading the content. Only the informative content in the respective domain will help in achieving it.

The bottom line 

In the huge domain of Digital marketing, content marketing is one vital thing that will make you secure top place in the search engine. These are the possibilities to show the significance of content for people and not for the search engine. Understand these for producing wise and winning content in the search engine.