Tips to Improve your SEO Ranking in 2020


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of creating an organic flow of traffic to your website by making it more visible to the users of a search engine. It is an extremely important factor to consider if you want to increase the traffic to your page. Surveys have shown that there is a 33% chance of someone clicking on your page even if it appears in Google’s top results. Most people do not even move past the first result on the list of Google search results. You need to put in conscious efforts and improve your SEO in order to rank higher on Google. In this article, we will be talking about the best SEO tips in 2020.

Tips to improve your SEO:

  • Improve the quality of your content
  • Resize and compress your images
  • Use appealing titles and use header tags for each section
  • Make the language fluid and readable
  • Make your sight mobile-view friendly
  • Encourage social media sharing through direct links
  • Focus on meta-descriptions

Including Keywords in your content:

Keywords are an extremely effective way of directing traffic flow to your website. If you take a look at the Google ranking algorithm you will realize that keywords have a very significant contribution to the formula. They can be included in headers, captions and titles. However, use them sparingly as the excess of keywords can have an adverse effect on the website traffic.

Things to remember while using keywords:

  • Use LSI keywords
  • Optimize your website around various keywords
  • Do not go overboard

Google has recently started paying attention to the way people interact with each website. Due to Search Intent Google can determine if a page is a suitable match for a specific keyword. If it is not, the page usually drops a few spots. The best SEO strategy is to align your content with what Google wants

You need to reduce your bounce-back rate

When people go back to the search results immediate after landing on a page, Google realizes that that particular website is not being able to satisfy its viewers and immediately its ranking drops. Modify your “Above the fold” section as it determines if your viewer stays on the page or leaves.

Another effective way to reduce bounce back rates are to include visual content like:

  • Maps
  • Charts
  • Infographics
  • Flowcharts
  • Videos

Promoting your Content:

Creating high quality content is useless if no one is able to read is. This is where backlinks become important. Promoting your website through social media campaigns are not enough. So here are a few tips to create backlinks:

  • Use the broken link building strategy
  • Guest posting
  • Use resource pages

Finally, do not forget to regularly monitor the results of your Search Engine Optimization process. You can use Goggle analytics organic traffic to track the results of your SEO marketing. All this information can be overwhelming to take in at once but it is important to focus on SEO building in order to secure the future of your website.