Google Ads vs Facebook Ads : Which is Better Platform?


Google and Facebook are both hot options for all the advertisers to showcase their products. Google vs Facebook is a debate that one need to think about and needs to understand their thought process behind every advertisement. Google ads have different purposes and Facebook ads are also very different. 

Google ads can be considered to have very active user intent while Facebook ads are very passive. Facebook ads are for people who are not actively looking for products and these advertisements keep on appearing within the user’s newsfeed

Advantages of Google ads

● You must know whether Google ads is worth it or not. Marketers and advertisers have this question in their mind all the time. The major difference between Google and Facebook is that Google helps you find new customers in various ways.

● Google has the largest audience amongst all the available advertising platforms. It handles more than 75,000 search enquiries every second. There is a wide range of ad formats available on Google.

● Apart from the formats, there are various add-on options available like location extensions, price extensions, site links in extensions, etc. 

● Some people feel that you need to have a lot of money to advertise on Google and the budget needs to be huge to be competitive on it. But the fact is that this is not true. Just make sure that your ad is a well written and very helpful, Google will optimise it on its own.

Facebook ads

● Let’s talk about Facebook ads now. The main advantage of Facebook ads is that it has a very good targeting window.

● Facebook ads target the end number of people in a simple click. People spend a lot of time on Facebook and they interact with the content regardless of their interest. Now this data helps the advertisers to market their product with narrowed target results

● Apart from this, Facebook is targeting options called lookalike audiences which allows the advertiser to upload information about their current customer base to the Facebook page and hence they help in creating a similar audience.

● If we talk about visual ads, Facebook has a huge advantage over Google because it is very visual and seamless. These advertisements blend in one’s newsfeed and do not end up being obstructive.

Adwords vs Facebook

Now it is important to know that Google Adwords is the world’s largest and most popular pay per click advertising platform. It is so widely used that it has become the synonym for the word “paid search”. Now the Facebook ad is the prime example of what is known as a paid social or the practice of advertising on social media networks. It has the highest number of monthly active users amongst all the social networking platforms in the world. The Facebook marketplace has also become a very competitive place for all marketers. The ad words help you in finding new customers while Facebook helps the customers in finding you.

Summing up

Now the end question lies in your hands, which one to choose? The best ways to use both of them together and not as competitors. Utilise both the platforms in the best way to market your product in an effective way