Content Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business in 2020

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Producing high quality content may seem like a fool-proof plan to increase traffic on your website but it is no so. There are other factors that influence the way your page performs. One of the most important factors among them is Content Marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that where you consistently produce target oriented content and distribute it to your target audience.

Benefits of content marketing:

  • Increase in sales
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Brings in loyal customers

However, you need to plan and strategize before investing in content marketing.

Here are 5 essential content marketing tips to follow:

Know your target audience:

Since content marketing is primarily based on distributing content to a specific group of people, you need to acquaint yourself with and understand your target audience better. Creating attractive content specifically for your target audience is a great digital content marketing strategy. Every website has its own unique set of audience and it is important to develop and distribute content keeping your user base in mind.

Things to remember:

  • Understand the requirements of your consumers
  • Maintain proper distribution
  • Create relevant content and avoid redundancy
  • Consider the demographics, occupation and expectations of your audience
  • Consider personalizing for you user

Create a mobile version for your content:

It is absolutely vital that your website has a mobile friendly view or an option to switch between desktop and mobile view as necessary. It is probable that most of your audience spends way more time searching for products on the mobile phone rather than on desktop. Therefore, a lack of mobile version will deflect the traffic from you site to one that’s easier to surf through on phones.

Focus on the quality of your content:

Content marketing is useless if your content itself is unattractive to your audience. Therefore, focus on producing high quality content that can grab the attention of your customers.

Things to consider:

  • Story-telling (Relatable behind-the-scene promotions)
  • Invest in video content

Create a content Calendar:

It is vital to make a plan and keep track of it before you invest in content marketing. Select a time frame and plan out marketing strategies by adding special dates relevant to your brand.

Things to consider:

  • Build a multimedia strategy
  • Guest posting
  • PR and outreach
  • Monitor and analyze the outcome:

Keeping track of and analyzing the outcome is as important as the process of content marketing itself. It is only through post marketing analysis that you can determine the efficiency of your content marketing strategies and make an informed decision regarding their continuation.


Strategic planning is necessary if you are planning to go into content marketing. It is also important to remember that the market is always evolving and so are the needs of its consumers. Therefore, you need to be patient and work with innovation and an analytical outlook and you will reach your goal eventually.